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Watch Three Dark and Original Short Films

Submitted for your review today, three dark and original short films you can watch in a half hour when you’re killing time. I found them all entertaining.

Burnt Grass

Burnt Grass is an award-winning Canadian short film about a couple who discover a duplicator in their yard. Read more about Burnt Grass, directed by Ray Wong, at Directors Notes and Short of the Week. — running time: 11 1/2 minutes


Fragment could be an episode of the Twilight Zone if that seminal TV series were still in production. A pilot escapes the wreckage of his plane, and the suspense builds relentlessly toward a confrontation with evil. — running time: 9 minutes


Thresher is a Lovecraft-inspired short film by Mike Diva, produced for a Guillermo Del Toro sanctioned contest in which the filmmakers were given access to professional sets and production equipment. Thresher finished in the top five. — running time: 7 1/2 minutes

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By Troy Larson

Publisher, photographer, producer, husband and father. Cat person. Dog lover.

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