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A Haunting: Psychic Medium Weighs In

Stories about the happenings in my home have been pretty rare the last few years. We’ve learned to live with it, but a recent email from a medium named Marjorie made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. She had some things to say about the apparitions of a woman and a child we’ve seen in our house, and the carousel music we’ve heard.

To recap just a bit, we’ve had some strange encounters in our house starting in 2007 during the days when we first began moving in–lights mysteriously on when we were sure we turned them off, electrical anomalies, strange behavior from our young son in his room at night, and ghostly apparitions. (If this is your first time here, you might want to go back and read from the beginning.)

The last few years, however, have been fairly uneventful. We didn’t really have any answers, and our family is in a much better place than we once were, so we put our experiences behind us and moved forward with only an occasional sighting or encounter in the time since.

Today, I got the following email from someone named Marjorie who claims to be a psychic medium. (I have lightly edited this for clarity)

Dear Troy,

I am writing to you about the experiences you’ve had in your house. I am a medium and for the past 18 months I have been having dreams and visions that didn’t make a lot of sense to me. Before you go thinking I’m crazy, hear me out. I mostly see events related to people who are close to me; you know, friends and family and the like, but I’ve been seeing the happenings from an earlier time of late. I am not good with computers, but I do know how to Google things, and that was how I found your story about the things happening in your house and the woman and child you’ve seen.

So, let me just tell you what I’ve been shown. A woman has visited me on a couple of occasions. She is a very beautiful lady dressed in what I would describe as early 20th century clothes and she says her name is Anna and she has a little boy, Robert. She has said little more than that, but she comes to me regularly and seems like she wants me to share this. Anna shows me things and none of it made much sense until I found your story.

I saw Anna and Robert relaxing beside a car, like an old one from the early days of cars, do you know what I mean? It wasn’t like a model T, it was a little longer than that and fancy, and it was unusual because it had a canopy or, what I would describe as an awning, on the side of it. There was a dirt road nearby and I could see a few houses in the area too. I saw a carousel with beautifully painted wooden horses, a ticket booth with a grumpy ticket taker, and a carnival barker who was trying to get men to buy a ticket to a dancing girls show. None iof this made much sense to me, I did not even know where this was supposed to be. I searched at least a dozen times on my niece’s computer with a little help from her, but I wasn’t able to find anything. In the end I saw two things that led me to find the story you’ve shared on your internet site.

Anna showed me the end of her life and her son Robert’s life. They met with foul play as they camped beside their car, at the hands of men dressed in dark clothing with kerchiefs over their faces. I also saw the word “Fargo” and I didn’t know for sure if that meant a place or the old-time bank, like, Wells Fargo or what, but when I searched some more and put some of these words into the box I found your “Haunting” story. When I read it (from beginning to end) my jaw dropped because of how well the details match.

These are the things I’ve actually seen and really the only things I’m confident are true and real but I also believe some things, maybe without really having a strong reason to believe them, just a feeling. So I’ll tell you what I think and you take it for what it’s worth.

I think Anna and Robert were following a man who was a traveling carnival worker. She was an “unmarried woman” with a child, in love with a man who was distant and transient. I think she was the child of wealthy parents which is why she had a unusual car, and she was following a carnival around trying to get her love to commit. She was something of an outcast from her proper family due to her status as a single mother, something that was quite unacceptable in her time, and she didn’t keep in touch with them much. I think she was violated and murdered along with her poor baby Robert by men who saw her at the carnival and followed her to the spot where she was camping. I think there is a family out there somewhere who never got to know what happened to Anna and Robert, and even today, her descendants tell stories about how she disappeared with her son, never to be seen again.

Why is she appearing to you and your family I don’t know. Maybe your house is on the land where she camped? I don’t know enough about Fargo to say for sure.

I hope I haven’t alarmed you. If anything, you should understand (and it seems like you do) that the occurrences in your home are nothing to be afraid of. I hope this note helps you understand what has been happening in your house and maybe one day you’ll get more answers. God bless.

Sincerely, Marjorie

As you can imagine, that email was a mind blower. If I’m to believe Marjorie’s visions, there is a sad and sinister story behind the happenings in our house, and some research will have to be done.

Are there any historical records of people missing from Fargo? Records going back that far are pretty hard to come by, and we don’t even have an exact year. I also need to find out exactly what this neighborhood looked like before the development that includes my house was built here. Was it the kind of place where someone could park their car alongside the road and camp?

There are lots of questions to be asked and answered, and I’ll be emailing Marjorie with a few.

Go on to the next chapter, or Go back and read from the beginning. To get notified when I post a new installment, follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

By Troy Larson

Publisher, photographer, producer, husband and father. Cat person. Dog lover.

One reply on “A Haunting: Psychic Medium Weighs In”

I’m wondering if it’s possible it could have takin place in the 1900’s? Because a serial killer killed many women and young girls and I believe North Dakota was just one of many states he murdered and there’s some missing ladies and teens there maybe Fargo nd he was born there I believe and I and my friend as teens were victims lucky to live through our encounter with him!! He started his killing spree I believe in the late 1930’s and continued and was incarcerated many times but kept getting released due to technicalities! Just to keep traveling and killing until I and cpl other girls picked him out of a line up
In early 70’s he is in his 90″s now and still kicking ! But probably not the era you are talking about


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