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A Haunting: Reminders

The posts about the haunting in our house don’t come as frequently as they once did, I know, but things ebb and flow and mostly it’s been ebb… until recently.

We’ve been moving a lot of things around at our house as we get rid of a few things, and it seems almost like the activity, opening up new spaces… something has, not to sound ominous, awakened. Lately there’s been a little of this and a little of that. Going back to chapter 5 of this story I wrote about how we frequently get reminders in the form of electrical anomalies — Hey family, don’t forget about me. Recently though, I’ve been getting reminders in light and shadow.

Sitting at the computer where I’m writing this right now, I can see our main entry door which has a small window near the top, and it lets in a trapezoid of indirect northern exposure sunlight which shines on the wall from sunrise to sundown. We also have a security camera mounted above the door outside and it gives me a push notification on my phone when someone comes to our door. So what usually plays out is, I’ll be sitting at the computer when my wife comes home, I’ll get a bling on my phone, and a moment later I’ll see the trapezoid of light on the wall dim a little bit, just before my wife opens the door and enters. It’s happened in exactly that sequence so many times, I’m used to it. Except this time, there was no push notification on my phone, and the light through the window got really dim for a moment, far dimmer than it usually does when someone comes in the door. I waited a moment, but nobody came in the door. Then I realized I hadn’t received a push notification, and I thought what could be big enough to block out the light coming through the window but not trigger the security cameras?

I got up, went to the door, looked out the peephole, nothing out of the ordinary. Then I realized I was standing at a spot in our house that has always been active… right inside the main entry door and at the landing that leads down to our basement. The same stairway I described back in Chapter 2 thusly: every time I came back up the basement stairs, the hair would stand up on the back of my neck. I was certain someone, or something, was following me up the steps.

There’s no rational explanation for what I saw that I’m aware of, but it was once again a reminder from something that wants us to pay attention right now. So, I did. I got some video.

I walked into our bathroom one day to find the door open on one of our cabinets, something the Gray Lady likes to do just for fun. My family was gone at the time and it was quiet in the house so I thought I’m gonna set up a camera and see what I can catch.

I closed the door on the cabinet, set up the camera and walked away and it only took a few minutes before the cabinet opened on its own. I came back and found it standing open. This is the first time I’ve captured anything on video in forever. Mischievous stuff, but not much more.

One other thing, I did respond to Marjorie, but I have yet to get a reply. When I do, I’ll write more.

Go on to the next chapter or Go back and read from the beginning.

By Troy Larson

Publisher, photographer, producer, husband and father. Cat person. Dog lover.

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