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Is This a Time Traveler in 1957 Fargo?

A few years ago, a controversy arose over a film clip from 1928. The clip is bonus material from the DVD release of Charlie Chaplin’s silent film The Circus, and comes from footage shot outside Grauman’s Chinese Theater during the 1928 premiere of the movie. Irish Filmmaker George Clarke found what he thought was a […]

Local History

Fargo: Then and Now

These are some teaser images from a book we’re working on, a photographic history of Fargo featuring present day photos that are reshoots of classic shots from the photographers of the Farm Security Administration. This video incorporates the previous animation I posted featuring old Shanley High School, and several new animations showing “Then and Now” […]


A UFO Touchdown in Donnybrook

This post was inspired by the news that an internet archivist, John Greenewald, had recently released for download the UFO files he’d been collecting for decades via relentless Freedom of Information Act Requests. After searching the database, we found several North Dakota UFO cases which we’ll be highlighting here, beginning with Project Blue Book file […]