Is This the Most Important Criminal Investigation Development Since DNA?

The methods used to investigate crime have evolved considerably over time… fingerprint analysis dates back to the 1880s, and the roots of forensic toxicology go all the way back to the first century, but most think of DNA evidence as the most effective tool in the investigator’s tool chest. The use of DNA evidence is […]


A Haunting: Getting Our Attention

I’ve written before about the strange electrical anomalies that sometimes happen in our house–bulbs that burn out in spectacular fashion and exercise equipment that suddenly acts funny–and last night we had another instance. As we often do, my wife Rebecca and I were sitting at the dining room table chatting after supper when I heard […]

Non-Fiction Unexplained

7 More True Stories That Should Be Movies

Now and then, when I’m reading something new, I say to myself “Holy cow! That should be a movie,” and then I usually add it to a list for some future day when I have time to blog about it. You can read the previous examples, 12 Real Stories Begging for Movie Treatment, and 9 […]